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Greetings, you’ve just arrived at my education portfolio. It is here that I display the different aspects of my growth as a teacher, demonstrated in the different artifacts and reflections that are contained within the different Idaho Core Teacher Standards.

If you are unfamiliar with this structure, here’s a brief introduction. Idaho has ten different standards that they require new teachers to show growth in, and you can read more about them here. Artifacts are concrete examples (in my case, digital versions of concrete examples) of my development in each area. They are accompanied by reflections that discuss their context, their purpose, and how they demonstrate my developing abilities and knowledge. Sometimes, however, the artifacts themselves are simply lengthy reflections; it depends on how I’ve arranged each artifact and standard.

In case you need some guidance, here a few of my favorite artifacts:

Educational Psychology Prezi,
Conceptual Framework paper,
Reflection journal,
Thermal Physics presentation,
Lesson plan adapted for an autistic student,
and the Literacy Binder.

About myself: I soon to be a graduate of The College of Idaho, and am earning a major in chemistry and minors in physics and education. My academic passions lie in these three plus astronomy, but my interest also extends into biology, graphic design, and occasionally psychology.

I fancy myself a prolific reader, but more often then not I can be found spending time with the people I care about in some capacity. I enjoy backpacking/camping, watching movies of all sorts (but especially B-grade science fiction), stargazing, lasertag, hiking, attending plays, trying and failing to learn how to dance, listening to electronic music, and talking about life / reality / science with anyone who’ll sit down for a conversation.

All told, I hope that this collection of artifacts and reflections gives you an accurate glimpse into who I am as a teacher and my growing set of abilities.

Levi Smith

Note: you may find it beneficial to remember that I have been generating these items over a span of three years – there is a noticeable change in the quality of my writing and thought during that time.